Unrivalled cement industry expertise

Our expertise, adaptability and no-nonsense approach prove invaluable in industries where production demands are high and kiln downtime critical.

We owe our existence to our involvement in the cement industry and cement rotary kilns are where it all started. As such we believe our expertise in this area is unrivalled. In the early days, our activities were concentrated in the non-static parts of the cement making process. Our performance in this area has resulted in us being involved in virtually every major brick re-line in the UK.

Since that time we’ve expanded our services into the static areas of the plant. Our recent activities in preheater cyclones, tertiary air ducts and clinker grate coolers showcase the full range of our casting, gunning and ramming capabilities.

Over the years our innovative approach to working in the cement industry has resulted in big improvements in kiln downtime. In addition to our unequalled brick lining skills, we have pioneered the use of mechanised plant for the removal and disposal of spent refractory from the kiln interior.

Prior to our involvement cement kiln refractory demolition techniques tended to be time consuming and labour intensive. The introduction of mechanised plant revolutionised the process so that today, removal in this manner is almost an industry standard.