Our patented tapered blaster nozzles allow customers to extract blasters without damaging internal lining

Prematurely wrecking monolithic lining material that would readily last for another campaign and because it is still in good condition, is much harder to remove than worn out material, is very wasteful for our customers. It is frequently wrecked, only to facilitate air blaster nozzle replacement.


Working for a solution to this issue, we have designed and developed our patented, Simpson tapered blaster nozzles. These nozzles allow our customers to extract and replace as required, any worn or damaged blasters, from the outside of their ducts and risers, without having to disturb the internal lining. This means that full lining life is possible and that scaffolding, inspection and wrecking demand can be substantially reduced, during major repairs. In addition the lifting and placing of the new tapered blaster replacements, is all possible from outside the vessel, making the whole operation much safer and simpler for maintenance personnel.

Check the full document out here:

Simpsons Blaster Nozzles document