Small diameter and vertical kiln expertise

Our work in this area includes shaft kiln design, demolition and installation. The use of rotary kilns for the production of lime and aggregates was the impetus for our initial involvement in these industries.

The principles we employed in our cement rotary work were transferred to lime and aggregate kilns with dramatic effect. Despite lime and aggregate kilns presenting their own unique challenges including small diameter kilns and dual brick linings, we quickly became established amongst rotary lime and aggregate users nationwide as a company to be relied upon for excellence in performance.

Our involvement in the rotary lime industry inevitably led us towards the more complex world of vertical shaft kilns. These kilns mark our first real attempts at application diversity. Within a short period, we had made the transition from dry to wet lining techniques and count several major UK companies as regular vertical shaft kiln customers.

Today Simpson Refractories has the capability to undertake complete shaft kiln overhauls, including design, material selection, demolition, installation and after sales service. With the addition of the Brokk demolition robots to our arsenal we are able to tackle small diameter kilns in a much more cost effective manner, using less time and man power than traditional methods.