Pioneers in Brokk remote control demolition

Whether it’s a cement, lime, aggregate or metal-processing industry application, our Brokk remote-controlled demolition machines outperform all traditional methods, ensuring a faster result in much safer working conditions than ever before.

We were one of the first companies in the UK to deploy Brokk machines and have pioneered the wrecking of refractory material from cyclones and risers to calciners and coolers.

Our fully qualified, experienced operators replace a wrecking crew previously required for demolition jobs – a huge advantage in unstable areas. The machines offer the maximum demolition power in the smallest possible package and no other equipment can deliver the size to power ratio. They are electrically powered, remotely controlled and can operate where there are stringent noise restrictions. They produce less dust, vibration and fumes than traditional methods.

The core benefits of such an approach is that it greatly reduces down time, manpower and most importantly making these areas safer by using machines. These very versatile machines are widely used in all aspects of our work including cement and lime kilns, lead and aluminium processing.

Brokk 50
The Brokk 50 is able to pass through 60cm wide doorways and is therefore the perfect machine wherever narrow openings have to be considered. It can be transported in a standard passenger elevator and can even climb up and down ordinary stairways. The low weight of Brokk 50 enables it to be used in most normal buildings, even on weak floor structures. Its small dimensions also allow it to operate in very confined spaces of only 3 metres2 floor area. We have used this small but immensely versatile machine in cement kilns in the riser and drag chain areas and also in lead furnaces and inside the kettles.

Brokk 90
The Brokk 90 incorporates all the features of the Brokk 50 but with extra reach in both height and width and more impact power. When demolishing in confined spaces, size and safety do matter. We’ve recently used the Brokk 90 in cement and lime kilns in the cooler, cyclones and even in firing pipes. Larger than the Brokk 50 but its power belies its size.

Brokk 180
The Brokk 180 is an all-rounder with remarkable impact power and stability. It can be used for most applications where the Brokk’s unique characteristics, such as low weight and its high capacity reach of up to 5.2 metres, are top priorities. The largest of our Brokks, this is the machine for use in the actual kilns and coolers as it’s as versatile as the smaller machines but with greater reach.

Brokk hire
We also offer our Brokk machines out for hire with or without a driver, from a couple of hours up to a couple of months or longer. We deliver the machines straight to site, nationwide within 48 hours of ordering and then collect once work has been completed.