Envirowales achieves improvement in furnace lifespan

Envirowales is an industry-leading, lead acid battery recycling plant located in Ebbw Vale, South Wales. The company’s aim is to recycle as many constituent parts of the battery as possible and is currently achieving a recycling efficiency of over 95%.

Besides lead alloys, which are predominantly used in the manufacture of building products, the plant produces sodium sulphate, which is used in washing powder and animal feeds and polypropylene, which is further recycled to produce a variety of products.

The company’s processing plant cost over £50 million to build and is one of the most modern in Europe. Simpson Refractories has been working with Envirowales for over five years supporting the lead smelting plant – one of the company’s key assets.

Activities undertaken during this period include the on-going maintenance of the furnace to minimise downtime and the replacement and upkeep of the inner lining to help improve its lifespan.

In addition Simpson Refractories has recommended and implemented continuous improvements including changes to the design of the furnace, which has resulted in a much improved furnace lifespan. This has meant less plant downtime and an improvement in productivity.

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