£50k investment in Brokk machine

Simpson Refractories has invested over £50,000 in a new Brokk 60 machine in order to meet the growing demand from its customers for remote demolition. Brokk is the leading supplier of remote controlled robots and this purchase is the latest addition to a growing family of demolition assets.

Outperforming all traditional methods of demolition, the remote-controlled Brokk machines ensure a faster result in much safer working conditions than ever before.

Simpson Refractories was one of the first companies in the UK to deploy Brokk robots and has pioneered the wrecking of refractory material from cyclones, risers, calciners and coolers.

They provide the maximum size to power ratio and produce less dust, vibration and fumes than traditional methods. The purchase of a new Brokk 100 machine is imminent and part of the company’s commitment to investment in the latest technologies.

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